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One sculpture located in one of the European galleries, "Adam" by Tullio Lombardo, is a showcase of the museum's mastery at conservation. In , "Adam" fell over in an accident in the middle of the night, explained Jackson-Dumont. Thanks to "an incredible effort on behalf of scientists and conservators and curators," the reconstructed "Adam" sculpture is on display and visitors "can still see where some of the little hairline fractures were," Jackson-Dumont said.

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There are lesser known treasures as well, such as "Kouros," an abstract sculpture by Isamu Noguchi. Just as important as absorbing some culture is proving on social media how much culture you have absorbed. Fortunately, there are plenty of locations to take great photographs at the Met. The Velez Blanco Patio, which is reconstructed Spanish courtyard of a castle, is located near Watson library and close to the Great Hall.

It has "lovely light" and is "not as popular, sort of off the beaten path," said Walsh.

How to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

The impressive Temple of Dendur has "lots of natural light," although Walsh noted it is also very busy. Astor Court, also known as the Astor Chinese Garden Court, is another beautiful space that experts recommend visiting. It is a large open terrace with greenery, as well as furniture from the Ming dynasty.

Like the Moroccan courtyard, Astor Court was built by a team of artisans directly within the gallery space.

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Indeed, there are no shortage of works at the Met which will take your breath away. A year of the world's Best Beaches There's a perfect beach for every week of the year.

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Join us on a month journey to see them all Go to the best beaches. Go to top of page Instagram Facebook Twitter. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Met is one of the largest museums in the world with two million square feet of galleries and exhibits.

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Five paintings by Vincent Van Gogh including his beautiful piece, Cypresses , three sketches by Leonardo da Vinci, and five paintings by Pablo Picasso are also on display for visitors. The Met is so large that the museum recommends having a touring plan before visiting, based on the theme and interest of your group, to see all that you desire. Here you can download the map of the museum.

Yes and no. Yes if you have time and if you love all forms of art above. Note that to visit all of the museum, it would take two and a half days… What you have to do is, once you have your entry, please contact the center of the main classroom to pick up a map. Once you have the map in hand, mark what you want to see. The rooms look small on the map, but they are massive!

With a visit of 2h30 — 3h, you will have seen the most interesting parts of the museum. It is very complicated and very subjective to recommend what to visit in a museum. However there are areas which, in my opinion, are a must.

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The clearest example is the Egyptian art. It is an impressive room, if they are not interested this type of art, I assure you stay amazed to see the many mummies, sculptures and parts of Egyptian temples. Also the rooms of Greek and Roman art is impressive you do not have to enter all the rooms.

What are the works of the MET?

You may be interested in seeing contemporary art with paintings that you have already seen on other occasions. It will be interesting to have them within inches;. I like photography, so I like this room also, there are always temporary exhibitions.

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  • What is the history of the MET?.
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I also love the European paintings, as this table … Did you recognized the artist? I think so, because it is very interesting.