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Dec 16, Marleen rated it it was amazing. What's not to love. Aug 27, Loren Z. I really liked Demongelics and found the characters way cool. Looking forward to the other books in the series. Thanks DeAnrus for one of the best reads in awhile. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Videos About This Book. More videos About DeAnrus McCallister. DeAnrus McCallister. Books by DeAnrus McCallister. Yes, I feel something deep inside of me, he revealed.

If memory serves, you nailed Dorian right here in Drake's office! Did anyone give you shit? No, they didn't, because we put our own feelings aside to support you with all your personal, numerous endeavors! Look where it landed us. I served time for your sorry ass, and this is the thanks I get," he contended. Samuel reiterated in a harsh tone as he got in his face. You want game, motherfucker, go ahead and say that again , he said provoking him.

Sam was annoyed that Apollo held his position and didn't back away.

So, what did you think, you could sleep with Zenya as payback? Is that what this is about? Money and sex, right? It's all that really matters to you! You're so frigging shallow you make puddles look deep. Oh, is that right, King Samuel, heir to the throne? Like you haven't been chasing the almighty buck your whole fucking life! I'm not the schmuck who's inherited a castle, subjects, security, a fleet of limos and personal drivers.

Look in the mirror—what the hell's your story? Apollo responded. Samuel aggressively shoved his shoulder and Apollo rammed him right back. Sam jabbed him with a right hook, busting his lip. Apollo threw his hat and jumped him, knocking Dorian over in the process. They each threw punches, jabbing each other's faces, neither person willing to back down. Ramon shrieked, " Oh my God, stop it! Are you guys' crazy? You'll kill each other! Shelby moved out of harm's way, clutching her belly. Samuel, stop, you're hurting him. You're far too strong now, she urged, unable to gain his attention.

She noticed his wings poking out from under his jacket as it began to fall off his shoulders. Dorian tried to pull them apart. Samuel, stop, please, he pleaded, knowing that the stress had elevated his temper.

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Samuel let out a loud roar and lifted Apollo off the ground by his neck while Dorian desperately tried to release his grip. Suddenly, a woman's voice sounded with a deafening scream. It startled everyone and it made Samuel promptly release Apollo. Another scream came, even louder this time. Dorian and Samuel simultaneously ran out of the office shouting, " Zenya! Apollo nervously raced down the stairs, trying to catch up with them. He approached and found she was on her hands and knees in a solid scream. Oh my God, she's having the baby!

What the fuck is going on?

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How could this be possible? Samuel held his shoulders. Pull it together, Apollo. This is it. You've got to stay focused.

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Do you hear me? This is fucking serious! Tears stung Apollo's eyes. He felt hollow. I can't do this without you, man, for real! Sam, please forgive me, I'm frozen in fear. He looked deep into his eyes with immense pain and sorrow. Sam met his gaze. There's no turning back now.