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Glass Eels (Oberon Modern Plays)

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The Woman Before

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Program: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Nell Leyshon's drama bagged itself several awards when it was premiered here in Now recast and heading out on a national tour, the play doesn't quite pack either the bite or emotional punch you might expect. In truth, this is an old-fashioned something-nasty-festering-in-the-woodshed rural drama, lifted above the ordinary by Mike Britton's evocative design in which each rotting apple with its beautiful bruised name - Royal Somerset, Morgan Sweet, Ashton Bitter - symbolises fallen hopes.

Both play and production are at their best when they concentrate less on the histrionics and more on the mythic. You get a whiff of what this play might have been in a delicate final scene of such visual beauty and poignancy that it almost makes up for all the earlier shouting.

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